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Tin Woodman of Oz

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What is TWO?

TWO (Tin Woodman of Oz) is the Hash Inc movie project created by Animation Master users like you.

This wiki is a spotlight for work done on the TWO movie.

For information about how to get involved in the Animation:Master community visit the A:M Forum or to find out more about TWO visit the TWO area in the A:M Forum

Latest News

Goals & Getting Involved

  1. Involve the whole A:M community
  2. Use Animation:Master on a large production
  3. Make a good movie
  4. Increase the skills of those working on the project
  5. Improve Animation:Master
  6. Have some fun and make friends
  7. Promote Animation:Master
  8. Educate new customers (schools)
  9. Learn how to do it
  10. Be able to do it again

Preproduction / Production

Additonal Resources

TWO Wiki Information

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    Contributers are encouraged to edit this wiki. Read this first please.