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You are invited to be involved in the TWO movie project!

Project Goals

Please review the TWO FAQ before you begin.

If you haven’t already been assigned a task visit the TWO General Discussion forum where you will find opportunities to get involved, collaborate with others and work on TWO.

Once assigned to model, texture or animate, below you will find the tools you’ll need to learn to get started.

First go to this page for login instructions.

Dot Project Login

Then come back here.

Dot Project

Use Dot Project to keep track of each assignment.

Dot Project allows your Director to track progress of all scenes assigned and ensures you receive credit for your work.

  • Dot Project keeps track of all the important tasks.
  • Directors will often create, assign and update them for you.
  • Read the Dot Project Walkthrough to learn how tasks are typically handled, logged, and assigned with this system, and how it ties in with the data received by svn.

A:M Community

  • Log into the A:M Community Window in Animation:Master.

There you’ll find resources such as News, Information and even Chat capabiity.

  • Go to the TWO tab

From there you’ll be able to access this wiki.

  • Locate the Update and Commit buttons

You’ll use these buttons to Update (download) and Commit (Upload) your files via SVN; the data management system used for TWO.


A versioning system called SVN is used to share production data and distribute content to contributors. SVN can be found via the TWO tab in the v13.0 A:M Community panel.

You must read the Svn Walkthrough and receive the initial TWO data before continuing.

Remember, you cannot change or add files unless you are assigned a task in Dot Project.

General Info

Always adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Follow the folder layout and filename guidelines on the Data Management page if you need to add any files.
  2. If you encounter any problems immediately notify your team leader. If the problem might be bug related have your team leader confirm it. Once confirmed, report the issue to A:M reports following the example provided. #Include the Svn Revision Number of any versioned files, or preferably a project with all resources embedded.

A timely report will save time as updates to the revision of files with the problem will not need updating.

Where appropriate create a log in the task where the problem was encountered. Add the issue number of the report in the description.

Check the ‘problem box’ in the log for any process you can’t work around.

See also:

TWO Wiki Guidelines for how to edit this wiki.