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What is TWO?

TWO is a project name that stands for The Tin Woodman of Oz. It’s a movie project being undertaken by Hash Inc. They are the makers of the 3D software solution Animation: Master. Naturally, they are using their own software to make the movie.

What is this Animation:Master?

It’s 3D software that lets you build, rig, animate and render models to produce a 3D story.

Do I need Animation:Master to get involved in the movie?

Yes, but it only costs $49.99 for a 1-year subscription (downloadable) or $299 for the full package (disk and manuals plus 1 year of updates) and is available from the Hash Inc online store.

Take a look at these links to see what Animation: Master is capable of:



Is it just Hash Inc making the movie?

No, people who use Animation: Master can become involved in the making of the movie. Already there are many people involved who have always wanted to make such a project but have never had the opportunity. Hash Inc has provided this opportunity.

How can I get involved?

If you have a portfolio of excellent models and animation, then it’s possible you can get accepted to the project straight away. You will have to get approval from the director for this.

However, if you’re new to 3D you will need to prove yourself a little first.

Hash Inc has set up two training schemes. One for general skills and another specifically to improve your animation skills. Certificates will be given once you pass these.

The Art of Animation: Master
Animation Bootcamp

Once you feel you're ready, hang out in the movies General Discussion forum for a bit and see Getting Started.

How is it organized?

There are the following main positions:

  1. Producer…..Martin Hash.
  2. Overall Director. manages the whole project.
  3. Art Directors. manage the look of the movie.
  4. Animation Directors.. manage the animation.
  5. Project Manager..defines the tasks to be completed

If you want to make a model, the art directors may have a sketch you can follow. If not, they will need to approve the model before it’s included.

If you want to animate, you will need to be on one of the animation director's teams. They will set deadlines, provide guidance and approve any animation.

Hash Inc will be the technical team. They will implement any features/improvements needed in Animation: Master for production.

Also, there are the usual positions needed for movies like riggers, set builders, lighters, modelers, voice actors, texturers, animators, etc. These are made up of people out of the A:M community.

Correspondence usually takes place on the TWO Movie Forum

However, also the following methods might be used

  1. IRC
  2. Internet video/telephone conference software (Skype)
  3. Through the A:M Community Window within Animation:Master.

I got my certificates but I don’t want to jump into animating a main character. Can I start with something simple?

No problem, there will be plenty of background animation that needs doing. This won’t be needed to be quite as high-grade animation as the main action. However, you can also concentrate on a small main scene and take a bit longer until you get it right.

So, what’s in it for me?

Well, you get to take part in a 3D movie project. Improving the skills that are involved in such an undertaking. Contributors can earn money working on TWO too. There is a payment system in place. Look for more details in the A:M Forum.

How long will this project last?

Approximately 3 years. Starting date: 1 June 2005. (Yes we have started but it’s not too late for you)

Why is Hash Inc. doing this?

  1. Involve the whole A:M community (eventually).
  2. Use Animation: Master on a large production.
  3. Make a good movie.
  4. Increase the skills of those working on the project.
  5. Improve Animation: Master.
  6. Have some fun, especially by making friends (I know this sounds sappy, but it’s what I work off of).
  7. Promote Animation: Master
  8. Educating new customers (schools)
  9. Learn how to do it
  10. Be able to do it again.

Will any other software be used in the production?

The following are areas that will need specialised software. A suggested freeware program for each is also provided:

Audacity for sound editing.

Jahshaka for Non Linear Editing.

GIMP for 2D manipulation.