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Help us render frames for the TWO movie project.

  • What you need
  • Setup
    • Install Above program
    • Launch "Render Messenger"
    • Setup Wizard
      • Step 1 - Enter your forum name for the "Render Slave Handle"
      • Step 2 - Use default value
      • Step 3 - NetRender Server IP Address: distro.hash.com
      • Step 4 - Use default value
      • Step 5 - Use default value

Now R-Click on "Render Messenger" in your task bar (yellow connection icon)and select "Options"

Double check the settings:

  • RenderMessenger Settings
    • General Page->Render Server IP Address: distro.hash.com
    • TWO Movie Project Page->Enable TWO Rendering: checked
    • Choose a folder for the output path. (This is where completed frames will be saved)
    • Chose a folder for the local copy of the data files to be stored

Still testing connections and network stuff. At this time your client won't always be rendering, as we pull you on and off for testing.

  • Known Issues
    • When the RenderSlave.EXE opens the first time you will need to click through the windows security warning to allow the RenderSlave.exe to communicate with the RenderMessenger.EXE
    • When the RenderSlave.exe is first launched you will need to click through the windows secruity warning to allow the finished frame to be uploaded to Hash, Inc.

More info here soon....