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Production Journal Entries:

29 Weeks to go! Follow the Animation Direction blog to see where significant milestones were reached in the production of TWO: Animation Director's Notes

November 2007: Animation:Master users join together to render final frames for the TWO movie with the aid of a new custom built webrender utility made available to the A:M Community.

October 2007: Distribution deals are initiated at MIPCOM. International distributors take interest. The 2_03 "final" render is almost 1 gig in size!

September 2007: 'Hack Fest' celebrates 1 year of animating on TWO. After 1 year and almost 80 minutes of principle animation TWO is ready to find distributors. MIPCOM is targeted as an ideal place to get TWO in front of international audiences.

April 2007: Tin Woodman of Oz gets spotlighted in 3D World Magazine while production moves on. Additional characters to be modeled, Loon Sequence started and Lighting and Rendering tests continue.

March 2007: New supporting characters designed, modeled and readied for production.
Link: Female Scarecrow

February 2007: Songs begin to be incorporated into scenes and sequences.

January 2007: Daily updates are on view in the A:M Forum. View dailies from TWO
Link: here.

December 2006: Act I moves toward rendering. Lighting of scenes and creation of promotional art continues.


19 December 2006: The Audience Premiere for TWO Songs is completed. My Heart Is Broken and Can It Be True get highest ratings.

November 2006: Ku Klip’s Workshop basic set completed
Link: Ku Klip’s Workshop

October 24 2006: Texturing Act I

Link: Lighting and Texturing the Tin Castle Interior

October 4 2006: Hackfest begins!

September 23 2006: The house that Ku Klip built

Link: Ku Klip’s House

September 4 2006: How the Big Trees grow

Link: The road and the Tree

July 31 2006: Yoop’s Castle Interiors take shape

Link: Yoop’s Golden Chamber

June 28 2006: TWO has been in production for 1 year! Time for a Reality Check. 71 pollsters responded. Survey says, "Heck Yeah"!

May 2006: Hash Bash2006

January 28 2006: Tin Castle Interior modeling begins

Link: A Look inside Tin Castle

January 7 2006: More Tree Designs emerge

Link: Trees and Bushes

December 19 2005: Building of the Winkie Village begins

November 23 2005: Updated complete Animatics series from Robert Taylor

November 25 2005: Yoop’s Castle appears

Link: Yoop’s Castle

Novemember 15 2005: Stian chronicles his work creating Tin Woodman in the A:M Forum

Link: Creating Tin Woodman

November 8 2005: Ken Heslip begins modeling Mrs Yoop in the A:M Forum

Link: Creating Mrs Yoop

November 7 2005: Added Nimmie Animatics from Robert Taylor

November 2005:
  • Implemented a way to track animation stages better.
  • Added complete Animatics sequences from Robert Taylor
  • Some sketches of the Landscapes added
  • Added v5.4 script
  • ActI reading of the script in the Narration section.
  • Added v6.1 script

October 24 2005: Added Act II-Part1 Animatics from Robert Taylor

October 22 2005: Added Script v5.4

October 17 2005: Added Yoops2 Animatics from Robert Taylor

October 11 2005: Added Yoops1 Animatics from Robert Taylor

October 6 2005: Added Act I Animatics from Robert Taylor

September 28 2005: Act I reading of the script in the Voice Track section.

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