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Access to the Two Dot Project site is controlled by your forum login.

  1. Login to the forum
  2. Visit the TWO DotProject Site
  3. Make sure the “Real Name” section under the “My Info” link in the upper right is filled out. If not choose “edit this user”, fill it out and submit it.
    1. This is what people will see when assigning tasks to you.
  4. Post a Request for your Dot Project access level to be raised at the forums DotProject Access Topic.
    1. Include what you are planing to work on, and who invited you if someone did.
    2. A Dot Project UserManager should then raise your access level.
  5. Read the Dot Project Tutorial and you are ready to go.
  6. To get be able to commit changes you’ve made to our svn repository, you’ll need an Svn Password.

See Getting Started for how to continue.