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Dot Project is being used on the TWO project to schedule prioritize and assign tasks. This page will walk you through a typical tasks life cycle. For a general overview of dotproject see the Dot Project Tutorial

Here is a general outline of a tasks life cycle

  • A task is created
  • The task is assigned
    • It can be assigned at the same time it is created
  • The assignee creates task logs to update progress and log what has changed.
    • emails optionally can be sent with the logged info
  • When a tasks assignee is done he or she logs this, then edits the task and changes the approval status to “awaiting approval”
    • The task creator could have marked the task “approval not required”, for parent tasks etc
    • A report can be made to show all tasks filtered by “approval status” so the person(s) in charge can mark them “approved” or “not complete”. A a log should be created describing the approval status change like “good work” or “such and such needs to be fixed”.

First Things

If you haven’t already please follow the Dot Project Login instructions.

A New Scene’s Task Assignment Walk through

This is what the typical contributor will do with a task.

  1. An email is received for a task.

Click the link in the email to view the task in dotproject

    1. If you are not logged into the forum, a login page will appear.
    2. The link in the email will need to be clicked again once your are logged in.
  1. SVN is used to update, so that the local copy of the data is current. See Svn Walkthrough.
  2. Animation Master v13.0 is used to open the file for the task (usually a project). Use the Data Management page to help locate your file (for task _1_02_03 it would be located in c:\twodata\data\Act1\Seq02-Bridge\Sc03).
  3. The file is modified, and saved
  4. SVN is used to commit the changes
  5. Dot Project is used to log the progress on the task that was assigned.
    1. “Notify Creator” should be checked and Choreography status should be changed to “Awaiting approval” in the log, when the task is complete.

For more info about specific parst of DotProject see the Dot Project Tutorial.

A Scene’s Task Creation Walk through

This info will be mainly of interest to an AD or Director.

  1. The director creates a task for a scene
    1. To create a task view the TWO project and pick new task from the upper right.
    2. Tip: Each task’s name should be as descriptive as possible so instead of putting “lighting” as a subtask to _1_2_3 (act1 seq2 scene3) it should be ”_1_2_3 lighting” so that you can tell what it is with out the aid of its parents name.
  2. The director loads the scenes relevant Project and creates a default Choreography with Rotoscope and saves the choreography to the correct spot following the Data Management folder naming convention.
  3. The director copies the tasks url into the choreography’s fileinfo properties URL.
  4. The director uses the TWO tab in v13.0’s Community panel to “Commit” the choreography and project.
  5. The director assigns the task to an Animation Director (AD) using edit tasks’s “human resources” tab.
    1. A notification is sent to the AD if this option was checked when the assignment was made. If not it will show up in the AD’s todo list on the Dot Project site.
    2. The AD follows the Svn Walkthrough instructions if not already installed.
  6. The AD runs V13.
  7. The AD presses “Update” on the TWO community tab
  8. The AD Opens the Project corresponding to the Sequence that contains
    the Scene.
  9. The AD double-clicks the Choreography for the Scene.
  10. The AD drag-and-drops the proxy Set and Actors into the
    Choreography; makes paths, Actions, etc.
  11. The AD “Commits” with SVN
    1. The AD will be asked to save the project if he hasn’t already.
  12. The AD logs his progress on the dot project task that was assigned to him.
    1. a notification is sent to the task creator if that option is checked when the log is created.
  13. When the task is thought to be complete it should be edited and marked “awaiting approval”
    1. can also be marked “approval not required” for parent tasks etc
    2. A report can be made to show all tasks filtered by “approval status” so the person(s) in charge can mark them “approved” or “not complete”
  14. Once marked approved the AD or director creates subtasks and assigns them to the relevant people.

This may change once in practice, if so Director and AD please keep this uptodate.

See also Project Management Procedures for more specifics

For a general overview of Dot Project see the Dot Project Tutorial.