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v13.0 of Animation Master is what is required to work on the TWO project.

We are begining the switch to V14.0 Beta, so some files may require this. See TWO V14.0 Beta for more info.

Here is a partial list of features in v13 that help out in the TWO project.

  • SVN file management system
    • File format changes were required to reduce svn conflicts, and as a bonus our files are now xml or near xml.
    • Includes a feature to check out just parts of the svn repository see Hash Svn Repository Browser
  • Auto constraint force keyframe when turning on and off poses that contain constraints
    For IK/FK switch ease, but will be helpful in other situations too.
  • Install Rig Plugin

Helps install the Squetchy Rig.

Here are links to the V13.0 Installers.

If the above links don’t work see the Latest info section of the forum.

v13 change log

See also the Svn Walkthrough Instructions. cateogry::TWO