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Once you have your Dot Project Login and access level raised. Visit the TWO DotProject Site.

This site is a place where we can manage and plan tasks . Tasks are given projected start and end dates and can be are assigned to multiple contributors. The contributor should then log his or her progress on the assigned tasks. When a task is finished it can be marked with a log as “Awaiting approval”. Then the directors can view the task list report to see all the tasks awaiting approval and mark them approved, or not complete. Once approved the task’s Choreography Stage should be raised to then next level, and the Approval Status changed accordingly.

Contributors should read the Dot Project Walkthrough. It shows the typical situations for a Contributor or AD. If you need more info on a particular area of Dot Project come back and finish reading this.

Files in A:M that are associated with a task should have the task’s url in its fileinfo property. That way anyone working on that file can get quick access to the task to give feedback on the tasks progress.

The task can have a link to a wiki page for that task.

A chart showing the timeline of each task can also be viewed from the Project view.

Dot Project Modules

Home page

The home page shows the day view. It shows all tasks related to today, and a list of tasks that have been assigned to you.


All the data managed by the site is contained in a project. Click Projects in the upper left to see a list of the projects. Click on the TWO project’s name to view it.

Here is a link to the project. TWO is the main project

PlayPen is a temporary task that managers can try their hand at adding and editing tasks under.


The task list can be filtered by finished, unfinished, my tasks, all tasks, and for finished in the last 7 days.
Each listed task has a link to edit it, or make a new log for it.

Here is the tasks per user view this should really be helpful.

Tasks are created from the view project page or a sub task can be created on another tasks page. Tasks can be added by users with the Task Manager access level. Their names should be as descriptive as possible so that users can tell what they are by their name alone. For example just because the parent tasks name is _1_02_03 a child tasks name should be ”_1_02_03 Lighting” instead of just “Lighting”. Be sure and set an “End Date” or the task will not show up on the users todo list.

See also task module and - Task Creation and Management creating tasks in the dotproject manual

Work done on a task should be logged.

Task Logs

When working on a task each time you have made some progress you should create a log for that task. Logs can be created when viewing the task, or directly from the task list

Each log has a description of what was done with the task. Creating a log is preferable to editing the task directly so that a record of what was done can be viewed.

See also Task Logs creating task logs in the dotproject manual


There are a number of reports to track the progress of the project.

The most usefull report is the task list report but you are welcome to explore the other reports.


Other modules include:
  • A calendar showing tasks and events.
  • A ticket system for reporting and managing issues.
  • A file sharing system. The svn abilities of v13.0 trump this, so ignore this.
  • A contact system that shows vcards for users. We may opt to hide this feature, and use the forum for this.
  • To the “Americans” using this… you can change the default date display preferences. Don’t freak out! It is really the 21st of december not the 12th of… uh… 21.

Dang… thought I finally discovered time travel. —Vernon Zehr

Helping out

We are seeking volunteers to help out the directors with the dot project site. Here are some of the duties:

  • Make sure tasks are ordered correctly
  • Make sure tasks have correct start and end dates.

If you are interested ask in this topic


See for more info on the Dot Project system itself.