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We will be switching production this week to use v14.0 beta 2 or later.

Forum topic about the switch.

Before you switch, commit what you are working on.

Check here in the forum for the latest version.

Please report any issues to the v14 project in am reports.

Save warnings

While we know of few incompatibilities between v13 and v14 files A:M will warn you when saving will switch formats just in case.

Known v13 incompatibilities with v14

  • SSS options in materials and models. Do not save a v14 model or material in v13 if you think there is a chance of it having SSS.
  • Multiple post effects on the camera. Any scene that needs more than one post effect on the camera will need to be only edited in v14. If v13 warns that you are saving a newer choreography double check that there is not more than one post effect on any camera.

Save over old version warnings

When you save for the first time over v13 data you will see one of two dialogs warning you that the data will no longer be loadable in v13. Pick "Save As" and use the existing name. Choose "Yes" when asked if you are sure you want to replace it.

Project Warning


General Warning


Save over new version warnings

Make sure you also have v13.0s or later, as, if you accidentally try to save a v14 file in v13 it will warn you that you need to save as.

Do no choose the same name in v13 for

  • Models
  • Materials
  • Choreographies with multiple camera post effects

Unless you are sure there is no SSS or post effects involved.