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Name: Martin Hash

Location: Vancouver, WA (USA)




Before starting Hash Enterprises, Martin was part of the core software team responsible for the "DeskJet" printer at Hewlett-Packard. He left HP to pursue his dream of creating 3D character animation using affordable personal computers. He developed Animation:Apprentice, a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering package for the Amiga that was the first commercial software to use non-linear animation techniques. He then went on to develop a new spline-mesh modeling and animation system for Animation:Journeyman. This core technology is still used as the basis for Animation:Master. In 2000, Martin was named one of the “15 Top CG Pioneers” by Animation Magazine. Martin is responsible for the core modeling, animation, and rendering technologies used in Animation:Master. His life-long interest in animation, comic books, and science fiction provided the motivation to create 3D animation tools for artists.

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