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Tortoise Svn Checkout

OSX users see Animation Master Svn Checkout instead.

checkout url


To work on the TWO project you need to get a local copy of the TWO data on your computer.

  1. Choose a spot on your computer where you would like the TWO data to be.
    1. Place a new folder there called twodata.
      1. This should be a fairly short path on your drive, and should be easy to remeber where it is.
      2. Suggested location
        1. c:\twodata
  2. Right click this new folder, and choose SVN Checkout...
    1. if you don't see any SVN options in the context menu, install Tortoise SVN.
  3. paste the checkout url into the "Url of repository" section of the dialog.
  4. press ok

Once it has started to Checkout, if it fails or you cancel, checkout will nolonger be available, just choose Update to get the parts that checkout missed.

The first time you Commit any changes or new files it will ask you for your svn login information. See SVN Password if you haven't already set one up.