Animation Master Svn Checkout

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Animation Master Svn Checkout

To use svn from with in Animation Master you must first log in to community and switch to the TWO Movie Tab.

  1. Turn on the Community panel under the View menu.
  2. Undock the Community panel by double clicking its title. This is because there is a refresh issue in the Alpha version. Size the panel how you wish.
  3. On the Community panel, log in if you are not already, and switch to the TWO Movie tab
    Even if you have registered with the forum you will need to be registered here. You can use the same name and password as the forum if you wish though.

Once on the TWO Move Tab.

  1. Press the ’Update’ button. It will bring up a dialog asking for what folder you want the TWO data in.
  2. Then it will ask you “Would you like to select only a portion of the Repository to work on?”
    1. We suggest choosing No unless you don't have enough room for all the TWO data. See Partial Checkout if you choose Yes.
  3. Then it will bring up a dialog asking you for your forum sign in name and password. Instead email and give him your forum user name and a Svn Password you want to use for svn. (We haven’t had time to tie it to the forum login yet)
  4. Then it will bring up a dialog asking you where to ”check out” from. Press ok to download the data to the folder you specified. (Don’t change any info here unless you know what you are doing).
  5. If you choose to get only part of the repository you will need to press “Update” until you you are done checking out the folders you choose.