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The Squetch Rig is a rig that has squash and stretch built into every joint along with built-in controls for the FACE, limb bowing, Inverse Kinetics/Forward Kinetics (IK/FK) switching for seamless transition from IK to FK (or the other way around), an optional single-bone hand control (Steve's Hand Gizmo) and a lot of other built-in stuff that would make for an extremely long list.

The Squetch Rig is being used in TWO (TinWoodman of Oz) and has continued to be worked on throughout production.

The installation method differs from the 2001 rig and is more difficult. Installation will get easier as the rig is developed but for now it is still moderately difficult to install. If you are new to rigging, I would recommend using the 2001 rig to start. Once you get a good handle on rigging, the Squetch Rig will make more sense you you.

There are links to example videos, installation versions of the rig and sample characters (Squetchy Sam) in the A:M Forum. The TWO Characters rigs will stabilize but Squetchy Sam is kept up to date with each Squetch Rig release.

For more information see: Squetchy_Rig

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