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Here is the Quest Template

Notes: Center: Emerald City N – Winkie Country W – Gillikan Country E – ?? South – Munchkin Country Mount Munch must be in the far South of the Munchkin Country

Character Strengths: Tin Woodman/Tin Owl – Heart Based Skills, Increased Charisma, Increased Strength, can Charm opponents. Tin Girl – Logic Based Skills, Gets better clues for solving puzzles and riddles. Straw Man/Straw Bear – Book Knowledge Skills, Can Fashion Inventions, knowledge of Alchemy and anything that can be learned from a book. Woot/ Green Monky – Dexterity Skills, Bravery Skills, Stealth Skills, Fighting Skills. Captain Fyter – intimidation skill, can frighten opponents away, can cut hay with his sword. Polychrome – Magic. //—————————————————————-

  1. Level Woot's Village
    Zone – Gillikan Country
    Location – Woot’s village
    Woot gets his shovel and learns how to use it
    Woots gets quest to find the Tin Castle
  2. Level Winkie Village
Zone – Winkie Country
location – Winkie village
  1. Level Tin Castle
Zone – Winkie Country
Location – Winkie Village
Tin Man and Scarecrow meet Woot
Tin Man tells his story about Nimmee
Get quest to find Nimmee
Group Leaves the Tin Castle and begins their journey
  1. evel Thicket
Zone – Gillikan Country
Location – Forest Path, in the Gillikan Forest
Path gets very overgrown with vines blocking the way in several places.

Players must get past the vines.

  1. Level Loons of Loonville

Zone – Gillikan Country Location – Loonville, in the Gillikan Forest The Path through the forest leads to a great clearing with lots of Loons doing bizarre activities Loons rush the group Group must try to keep from getting captured if group is captured, group must escape ——————————————

  1. Level Forest River

Zone – Gillikan Country location – along the path in the Gillikan Forest, past Loonville Player comes to a river too wide to jump across Player must find a way across the river ———————————————-

  1. Level Yoop's Castle

Zone – Gillikan Country Location – At the bottom of a large barren valley Player encounters a large purple castle If they go in, they are eventually captured by Yoop, a giantess and yookoohoo (witch). Yoop transforms group into a Straw bear, a tin owl, and a green monkey Group finds a Tin Nimmee Group escapes the castle ——————————————-

  1. Level The Jaguar

Zone – Gillikan Country Location – In the forest Group encounters a hungry Jaguar who wants to eat Woot. Player must find something else for the tiger to eat. —————————————————-

  1. Level Dragons

Zone – Gillikan Country Location – A large cavern. IF Woot has Yoops Magic Apron and gives the “OPEN” command while in the Gillikan Country Forest, the ground opens up and Woot falls down through the hole into a dragon lair. Woot must escape the dragons and/or make friends with one of the dragons IF Woot makes friends, dragon agrees to accompany the group and give them a ride wherever they want to go. ——————————————————-

  1. Level Tommy Quickstep

Zone – Munchkin Country Location – A Grassy Lane surrounded by well tended fields with wooden fences Group meets Tommy Kwikstep, a man with twenty pairs of legs. Group must find a way to restore Tommy Kwikstep to his original single pair of legs. ———————————————————

  1. Level Jinjur's Ranch

Zone – Munchkin Country Location: a small house in the middle of a large garden with bushes of Creampuffs and Macaroons. Farther out are fields of Caramels. Group meets Jinjur, and old friend of Scarecrow’s IF group has not been transformed by Yoop, Jinjur take a liking to Woot. IF Group has been transformed by Yoop, Jinjur trys to shoo them away and player must make Jinjur recognize them This is where Ozma, Dorothy and Toto show up in the original story and restore the group’s original shapes. Ozma offers to take the group to the edge of the great Munchkin forest in her Red Wagon ———————————————

  1. Level Captain Fyter

Zone – Munchkin Country Location – Munchkin Forest, along the path to Nimmee’s old house Group encounters a rusted tin man who is an exact duplicate of the Tin Man, this is Captain Fyter Player must oil Captain Fyter so he can talk and move. Captain Fyter tells his story about he and Nimmee. Captain Fyter will join the group if Player asks him to. ———————————————-

  1. Level Nimmee's Old House

Zone – Munchkin Country Location – In the Munchkin forest Group visits Nimmee’s old house but it is deserted Tin Man suggests they pay a visit to Ku Klip. ————————————————-

  1. Level Ku Klip's Workshop

Zone – Munchkin Country Location – The far edge of the Munchkin forest from Nimmee’s old house In a cabinet is a severed human head, the Tin Woodman’s original head. Player can have a dialog with the head. Ku Klip tells group about Chopfyt – made to be Ju Klip’s assistent but since he was so disagreeable and ate so much that Ku Klip let him go on his own to seek adventures. Ku Klip tells the group Nimmee went to live on Mount Munch ————————————————-

  1. Level Landslide

Zone – Mount Munch Location – foothills of Mount Munch Path leads through a deep canyon that is blocked by a titanic mass of jumbled rocks that stretches across their path. There⿿s no way around. It starts to rain. Group must get over the mountain of rocks. —————————————————-

  1. Level Invisible Country

Zone – Mount Munch Location – foothills of Mount Munch, past the Mountain of Boulders Players are surrounded by a thick, swirling, iridescent mist. Strange voices ebb and flow around them, creating a surreal effect. Players become Invisible to one another, Mist dissipates so Players can see the landscape Eventually group encounters an invisible Hypogyraf who wants to eat the straw out of Scarecrow. Group must either escape the Hippogyraf or let him eat Scarecrow’s straw —————————————————-

  1. Level Chasm

Zone – Mount Munch Location – foothills of Mount Munch – just past the Invisible Country The path ends at a deep chasm too wide to jump across, on the other side is a vast broad plain full of wild flowers and tall wild grass. Group must find a way across. If group can’t get across, the Hippogyraf eventually finds them and offers to ferry them across the chasm on his long neck if he can eat Scarecrow’s straw first. ————————————————-

  1. Level The Swines

Zone – Mount Munch Location – in a small valley in the Mount Munch Plains. Group comes upon a very small (dwarf size) house beside a garden with fields of grain filling the rest of the small valley. Smoke is coming out of the chimney. Some haystacks are behind the house. Mr and Mrs. Swine (Pigs) live in the house. If Player convinces the pigs they are not butchers, the pigs let the group forage food out of the garden and allow Scarecrow to take straw from the haystacks. —————————————————-

  1. Level The Barrier

Zone – Mound Munch Location – at the base of Mount Munch, in the Mount Munch Plains Group bumps into an invisible barrier Nimee’s house can be seen in the distance, on the other side of the barrier. Group must find a way across the barrier. A rabbit hops near to the group. If the group talks to the rabbit, it tells them it’s burrow goes under the wall. ———————————————————

  1. Level Nimee's House

Zone – Mount Munch Location – at the base of Mount Munch, in the Mount Munch Plains, inside “The Barrier” Group finds Nimmee and Chopfyt in Nimmee’s house Nimmee talls group she is quite happy where she is with her Husband Chopfyt and does not want to marry Tim Man or Captain Fyter. ———————————————————-

  1. Level Heart Stone Cavern

Zone – Mount Munch Location – a remote cavern near the top of Mount Munch Tin Girl can’t love Tin Man because she doesn’t have a heart. Group must find a heart for Tin Girl. The Heart Stone is an alter in the Heart Stone Cavern. When they find the Heart Stone, they must solve a puzzle to learn how to use it. Heart Stone Opens up to reveal two empty slots. Tin Man puts his heart into it and pushes a button. Tin Man’s heart become two hearts. Tin Man gives one of the Hearts to Tin Girl. Tin Girl falls in love with Tin man.