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Currently in practice most sets have been designed with a final and proxy version.

There are two ways from the animator’s perspective of switching between to proxy and final version of the set.

  • Swap the proxy set base model for the final set base model by loading the final set base model into the objects folder and then using proxy set base model in the choreography’s cache property to swap it for the final set base model.
  • Or the set can use one base model for both proxy and final, this way the animator doesn’t have to swap models.
    This way is easier for the animatior, and ensures that the set doesn’t move when swapped.

Either way the animator needs to locate and load the final set populating actions and the replace the proxy actions in the choreography with those.

Care should be taken to locate the files and name them so it is obvious to the animator where to find the final or proxy versions of these files.

Existing sets base models and populationg actions should not be moved or renamed to avoid having to update all the choreographies that use them.

See Data Management for folder layout and naming conventions

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