Roger Christenson

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Roger first tried stop motion animation in 5th grade, and crude computer animation in 1981. After earning an engineering degree he designed tools and dies, first with pencils & orthographic projection, then in the early 1990s, in 3D with CAD programs. Later as a Visual Basic programmer he wrote an irrigation control application called Sentinel, including a graphic flow optimizer and other modules. A sci-fi fan and movie buff since childhood, he has large collections of pulps (Astounding, Planet Stories, etc), comics, and movies. Living between Bailey and Pine Colorado, he takes care of his elderly mother while selling some of his collectibles on the internet. He was inspired to get involved in animation again by a former classmate who made a career of it and won an Oscar last year. So now Roger is learning Animation:Master and trying his hand at animating scenes for the film Tin Woodman of Oz.

Thanks to Hash for the opportunity!