Distortion Cages

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How To Make Distortion Box/Cage

Source describing a character walking through a distortion box.

  • Create a new Action for your model
  • in the Action create a new Distortion Box
  • in the D Box's properties select a "target" bone that is parent to all your model's mesh
  • edit the CPs of the D-Box to make the squashing you want
  • drop the Action on your model (previously animated to move around in the chor)
  • the D Box will normally move with the model, so it must be constrained to a Null in the chor to hold it in one place (a place the model will pass through)

Additional comments:

The only hitch I encountered was when i made an action, I thought all I had to do was to go into distortion mode and I would see a 'select target' option in the properties... it took me a minute to try 'New/Distort'

I believe it is also possible to assign the CPs of D Boxes to bones so you don't have to animate them directly in muscle mode.

Extreme Poses and Exaggeration


David Walker tests the possiblities using an animated Distortion Cages.


The Distortion Box Feature Focus