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License Manager Setup info: Mac (Tiger 10.4+)

To set up the machine with the dongle/License Manager:

Note that License Manager requires that the BSD SubSystem be installed on your computer.

To install the BSD SubSystem separately, do the following:

1/ check that it is installed: - launch Terminal from Applications/Utilities, - at the prompt, type 'grep' (w/o quotes) and hit the Enter key, - if the response reads "Command not found", this means that the BSD SubSystem is NOT installed, - type 'exit' (w/o quotes) to close the Terminal session, and then quit.

2/ Install the BSD SubSystem manually: - insert your MacOS X install CD, - search the CD for the "BSD SubSystem.pkg" install package, double-click it when found, - perform the installation, and then RESTART

Install the following files downloaded from our ftp site: This will unzip into a folder called HDD_Installer_MacOSX_Tiger_only -run AKSUSB Install.pkg (do not install the 'forced' version)

-run LM_Setup_Mac.dmg 

This will unzip into a folder called LM_Setup_Mac -run Hasp LM_nstall


This will unzip into 'TigerInstall.pkg' -run this to install Animation:Master RESTART

open Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities) type cd /usr/libexec/ type sudo ./hasplm you will be prompted for your password License Manager should now be running to verify, open Terminal and expand the window to the width of the srceen then type: ps -aux This will list all processes running- you should see one called "./hasplm"

all other machines need only Animation:Master (TigerInstall.pkg)

to populate Libraries: copy the entire data folder to the Root of the Hard Drive in Animation:Master, open Tools/Options choose the folders Tab use the drop-down to select show folders for: Libraries delete the Volumes/Hash2005/Data/Libraries/ path add a new path, then using the '...' button navigate to the folder you just copied /Data/Libraries/ click OK, then in the folder dialog, click in the blank space off the path, this will assure the path is not left in edit mode and the path will be saved properly. Click OK, the quit and restart the softare.

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