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  • Q) What is SVN
    • A) – see SVN.
  • Q) I’ve logged into community, and am on the two tab, but I can’t see the update or commit buttons.
    • A) – Just resize the width of the Community panel. This seems to happen less if you undock your community panel, or dock it on the left.
  • Q) The commit button is greyed out on the community panel’s two tab.
    • A) First open the Options panel under the tools menu. Got to the SVN Version Control tab and make sure “Enable SVN is checked. Restart A:M. If that doesnt work, either you haven’t checked out yet, or A:M somehow lost the path to your local copy, or your local copy is corrupt. Just follow the Svn Walkthrough to setup the local data folder again.
  • Q) I want to use SVN on different projects (other than TWO), using different repositories. How do I do that?
    • A) Currently A:M is only designed to point to one repository. Pick the one you want to use in A:M, and use svn or tortoisesvn or svnx interface for the other repositories. See svn and tortoise svn documentation for how to set up a repository and check out etc. Hash Inc does not provide support for using svn out side of TWO.