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Wiki Guidelines

The cool thing about wikis are that everyone can help add to or improve them, but we always need a few guidelines to keep the clutter down.

How do I edit this wiki?

If you are a Contributer to the TWO project you are encouraged to improve and maintain this wiki.
  • You'll need a Hash Inc Forums login
  • You'll need to login to the wiki with your forum username and password, if it doesn't do it automatically for you.
  • Read this page.

General Guidlines

  • Only add what pertains to the scope of the part of the wiki you are in, and what will be interesting or helpfull to all. If in doubt ask on the forum or start a dissucssion on that wiki pages "Discuss this page" link.
  • Don’t make major changes with out some discussion first.
  • Preview your changes before saving them.

Try your wikiwiki hand here first please

If you are new to using a wiki it is really easy.
Just play on this Test Page some until you get the hang of it.

wikimedia Editing Basics Wikitext Examples

Contributer Attribution

It might be nice to have contributers have their own wiki page, like Stian Ervik Wahlvaag.

  • This way assets can be attributed to a contributer and the contributers page will automaticly show all the pages that have attributions (in the non published version of the wiki).
  • This will also help catch mispellings of names.

Also add the [[Unattributed]] wiki word to keep track of assests that the attributtion is unknown. Feel free check out Who links to Unattributed to see if you know who did what and then start where Noel left off ( at Nov 18 starting from the bottom of “recently revised” ) and add some attributions.