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Hash, Inc. is known for bringing professional quality modeling, animation, and rendering tools to home, professional, and student enthusiasts. Hash, Inc.'s main product is Animation:Master (A:M). Its strengths include:

  • Spline modeling. Splines are a different approach than many other 3D programs which use polygons. Splines are linked together to form the patches that define the surface of your model. For most models, far fewer splines are required than polygons, so A:M models can specify the geometry more efficiently. Additionally, splines lend themselves more readily to organic models; however, they also do well with mechanical models.
  • Texturing. It is possible to create and apply realistic or artistic textures on models. Textures can be re-used.
  • Character animation focus. Actions are a fundamental building block of your animation. Actions can be defined and reused.
  • Technical animation. A:M has systems for hair, cloth, particles, sprites, and physical simulation based on Newtonian physics.
  • Rendering. The renderer has many of the same features as renderers used in extremely large studios.
  • Post processing. Although not a replacement for larger post processing applications, A:M has features for processing and compositing the videos that it creates.

The philosophy of Animation:Master is simple. You can animate! Start with The Art of Animation:Master manual (abbreviated TaoA:M), and work your way through the projects to familiarize yourself with the features. There is a forum where the users can help you through problems you may have with the projects.

The community also works together on projects, whether the creation of feature-length movies, or smaller community projects.

See the A:M History page.

Wiki List

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The A:M Community has worked on two movies, which serve as a showcase of not only what A:M can do, but what the A:M community is capable of.

Other Resources

  • Teacher Resources A place for educators to share and collaborate on all issues related to teaching Animation Master.
  • HAMR (A:M web browser plugin & standalone viewer)

Welcome to Animation:Master!