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Network Dongle Setup info: (Tiger 10.4+ Mac)

This package contains a licensing device called a “dongle” or “HASP” that fits in the USB port of your computer. It will allow the software to be run on 10 different computers simultaneously provided they are connected by a network and can communicate via TCP/IP.

To setup your software please do the following:

Download: (install this only if you are running A:M on the server machine!)

Install these in the above order on the machine with the dongle. Additional documentation is included with the license manager installer regarding various license manager configurations.

Reboot the server computer, and verify “license manager” is running on the machine with the dongle.

On all other machines in your lab that you want to run the software download and install ONLY:

To setup the object libraries: copy the entire data folder to the HD, in A:M choose tools/options/folders- show folders for libraries, make a path pointing to the libraries folder in the data folder you just copied, click OK, then restart A:M, the libraries should be populated. (the latest installer also has an option to do this automatically for you)

Installation from the CD is not necessary, but the CD will be required during setup for library data.

Thanks for purchasing Animation:Master!