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Formerly the wood chopper Nick Chopper until attacked by an enchanted axe, Tin Woodman was skillfully transformed to tin by the tinsmith Ku Klip.

Tin Woodman has come to be enamored of his tin body and sees it as a great improvement. He is headstrong and confident but lacks Scarecrow’s reasoning and logic.

Since Tin Woodman's historic journey with Dorothy to the Emerald City he has resided in Tin Castle. As Emperor of the Winkees he lives in the present and thinks very little about his past. The heart recieved from the Wizard of Oz always leads his actions.

Woot's wanderings remind him of the vows of his past and set the stage for grand new adventures.

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Tin Woodman design history

You can follow the progression of Tin Woodman’s development in this forum

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