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It is very important that the project (and all files for that matter) is saved in versions. This is just a good work habit that will prevent a lot frustration. The mantra is "Save Early Save Often," but should be more accurately stated: "Save Early, Save in Versions." Save to a new version any time it would take more than an hour to duplicate your current progress. That way if a change is made that is not wanted there is always a prior version to fall back to. Or if a crash or some other problem occurs with a file, the most work that can be lost is one revision. On an active project there can be as many as 20 or 30 revisions in a day.

This is a good practice, but this work flow may change some what as we get used to svn. It will probably change to “Save and ‘commit’ to the repository early and often”. You still can save versions of your files, but you’ll need to keep the working copy as the origional name, and keep the versions in another location.